Welcome to the temporary home of the Halloween Boxes and other Halloween themed items!

I want to start by thanking all of you for your patience while I navigate through my first round of boxes. It has been a lot of fun but there have also been several unexpected learning curves - like the loss of the original name. 

Deciding not to let that hiccup defeat me and throw me off course, I decided to push through using this round as a good opportunity to learn. The perfect chance for a trial run and to hopefully work the bugs out before Halloween. 

I am hoping like hell a new official name will shake loose by then too!

I also wanted more than anything not to send you to some random temp site... but here we are. I tried my best to get a shop up and running on my main website (www.kriswilliams.com) but let's just say Godaddy and Woocommerce aren't very user friendly if you admittedly have no idea what you are doing! 

So here we are, on a temp site on Shopify... 

Again - THANK YOU for your patience!!

That all said... why Halloween boxes?

I have been a lover of Halloween and Christmas since I was a kid. I loved decorating, I loved getting dressed up (and usually went overboard), I loved hitting Salem and walking the streets of costume clad people... it was fun, it was magical, it was scary... it was a good excuse to be crafty! 

I have also been someone who loves shopping for other people... half the fun of Christmas for me is looking for gifts for other people. I sincerely enjoy it... and get irritated when family will talk about not doing gifts - don't take my fun away damn it!!! It's Christmas - you're getting something! 

I love Halloween, I love gift giving, I love being crafty... I also love seeing what other creators make. As a creator myself, I know it can be so hard to get your work out there, in front of new people. And, there are some excellent ones who are just not getting the well deserved eyeballs. 

In a nutshell, that's where the idea of the box came about.

In addition to the boxes, there will be a shop which will offer additional items. It will be a space that revolves around Halloween 365 days a year! 

My goal is to offer things that are well made and to offer a majority of items that are made in the USA with some international pieces and mass manufactured items sprinkled in if the quality is there. 

The shop will be full of items I would be excited to gift to friends or family and items I would love enough to want personally. 

It will not be a shop full of plastic garbage! 

With that all said!! Have a look around and keep checking back in as new items will be cycled in on a regular basis!

All the very best,