Monthly Mystery Boxes

Each month we offer a mystery box that comes in two styles - Unisex and Ladies.

In the Ladies Mystery Boxes, you may find jewelry, bath & body products, etc. In the Unisex Mystery Boxes, we try to choose items that would be more friendly to both sexes. 

Some months, the boxes cover one theme (as pictured below) while others are a mix of spooky (Halloween, paranormal, cryptid) themed items. 

For only $25 (excluding shipping), the boxes come packed with 3-5 mystery items, which includes something sweet! The number of items in each box depends on the wholesale cost of the items included. 

We do our best to include as much as we can - without sacrificing quality. 

If you haven't purchased our Monthly Mystery Box before... here's a look at some previous months that will give you an idea of what to expect!